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Cartographer Probe v3 with adxl345 - Low Profile - both CAN & USB

Cartographer Probe v3 with adxl345 - Low Profile - both CAN & USB

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Introducing the Cartographer Probe v3: The Ultimate Eddy Current Displacement Sensor for 3D Printers



What is new? 

This latest version allows for you to switch between using either CAN or USB via Firmware, no need to re-solder anything. 

Note - with this, we will try to ensure your probe come pre-flashed with what ever firmware aligns with the cable you ordered, this sometimes isn't possible due to the volumes we are shipping at the time, so you may have to re-flash yourself to suit your installation, instructions on how to do this are available at our documentation site 

Cartographer and CAN

CAN provides easy and simple wiring, no need to run multiple wires from your MCU, or use one of your limited number of USB ports, just tap into your Toolheads CAN ouput, and enjoy a seemless setup. 

It is recommended to run your CAN network at a baudrate of 1,000,000. 

Our CAN Probe is recommended for use on BigTreeTech CAN Boards, it does and will work on Fly/Mellow & Fysetc Toolboards, but only BigTreeTech provide a CAN output, making wiring significantly easier. 

Input Shaping (adxl345)

with the probes proximity to your printers nozzle, the adxl345 provides a higher level of accuracy when running input shaper than motor mounted alternatives. 


Say hello to the future of 3D printing—The Cartographer Probe. Designed for the discerning 3D printing enthusiast and professional alike, our Eddy Current displacement sensor elevates your printing experience by delivering unparalleled accuracy when scanning your 3D printer’s bed surface. Achieve print perfection every time!


  • Advanced Eddy Current Technology: Benefit from cutting-edge Eddy Current technology to get extremely precise measurements of your 3D printer bed’s surface.
  • High-Speed Scanning: No more waiting. Cartographer scans your print bed faster than traditional methods, letting you get back to what you love—printing.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with a wide range of 3D printers, from consumer to industrial models.
  • Easy Installation: With our step-by-step guide, installation is a breeze—even if you’re not a tech whiz.
  • Compact Design: With its sleek, unobtrusive design, the Cartographer probe easily fits into any 3D printing setup.
  • Durable Materials: Crafted from high-quality components to ensure longevity and consistent performance.


  • MCU: stm32f042f6p6
  • Connectivity: CAN via 4 pin JST-PH 2.0 connector.
  • Firmware Requirement: Klipper

What is included?

  • 1 x Cartographer Probe with CAN and Input Shaping 
  • 1 x Cable - (selected by you at checkout, either 20cm JST-PH to DuPont Cable PTFE Cable for CAN or 1.8m USB Cable). 
  • 6 x JST-PH Crimps and Connector


    • Optimize Print Quality: Accurate bed leveling leads to higher quality prints—say goodbye to imperfections and defects.
    • Save Time: Faster scans and fewer print retries mean you complete your projects in record time.
    • Resource Efficiency: Accurate first-time prints mean less waste of filament and other materials.
    • Peace of Mind: Knowing your printer’s bed is perfectly leveled allows you to focus on your creative journey, not on troubleshooting.

    Which version should I buy? 

    • Standard Edition - Ideal for Voron StealthBurner, Annex etc 
    • Low Profile Edition - Perfect for VzBot and RatRig Printers
    • Flat Pack - Unsure right now? Maybe Flat Pack is the best option, assemble it as you wish when you decide what you want.  
    • Right Angle - tbc

    Take Your 3D Printing to the Next Level with Cartographer!

    No more guesswork, no more wasted time, and most importantly, no more compromise on quality. Get your Cartographer Probe today and step into a world of 3D printing like you’ve never experienced before.

     NOTE - All Cartograhper Probes ship from the Peoples Republic of China. 

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